Remember Sam Beeton's hit 'What You Look For'? It was a travesty when he didn't instantly become one of the UK's most successful musicians. He gained legions of fans and scores of loyal followers but he never quite got the push he truly deserved. Now, he's back with brand new album 'In The Yard', finding his feet in an industry bogged down with wannabes and dreamers. Can he make it to the top this time? We certainly hope so.

Sam opens with the brilliantly-written 'Gold'. There's a strange layering effect added to his voice here which takes more away than it gives to the tune, but luckily it isn't a trend that continues throughout the rest of the record.

There's an American inflection to his tone in second song 'Can You Run', but it's when we get to the sombre-sounding third track - 'Out In The Yard' - that Sam truly begins to impress. It's an emotional, brooding ballad that delivers a sharp punch right to the gut, sitting alongside the equally great 'Moving Out' and later track 'Waiting Game'.

'Fall Out' is a gem in this crowning moment. He sounds like OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder here and captures any attention that may have wavered whilst listening up until this point. Following this up with 'Here In Silence', Sam is at his best.

'Belong' is the toe-tapper the LP needs to drive you on through its last moments and when followed by the breathtaking 'Waiting Game', you know the formula for this album is a winning one.

It's quite simply, easy-to-listen-to afternoon listening. Sam's on great form, proving he has a talent to be recognised and showing just why he's been compared to such greats as Paul Simon and Jeff Buckley by the one and only Katy Perry.

Further famous fans come in the form of James Morrison, The Script's Danny O'Donoghue, Ed Sheeran, Huw Stephens, Jake Bugg and many more. One listen to this new record and it should be clear as to why they're all on-board.

Sam Beeton's 'In The Yard' is out now.

'In The Yard' tracklisting

  1. 'Gold'
  2. 'Can You Run'
  3. 'Out In The Yard'
  4. 'Moving Out'
  5. 'The Yearlings Song'
  6. 'Delta Hand'
  7. 'Fall Out'
  8. 'Here In Silence'
  9. 'Belong'
  10. 'Waiting Game'
  11. 'Can You See The Light'

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