The Fugitives have been on the scene for quite some time, so it's not difficult to imagine that by now they've probably got the hang of creating a record that shows off their strengths and plays to what the listeners want to hear.

Adrian Glynn and Brendan McLeod come together to form the duo, though when they sing together they sound as if they're four or five-strong.

Collaborating with industry friends including multi-instrumentalist Steve Charles and violin looping prodigy Hannah Epperson, 'Everything Will Happen' is a real mixed catalogue of treats.

Opening track 'Love Affairs' gets off to a shaky start with a solo vocal but gets better as the instrumental and joining of voices culminates in an explosive and entertaining chorus, and it seems that a lot of the songs on this record follow the same structure.

Though I'm not convinced either of the two would be able to standalone as a solo artist (why would they now want to?), the blending of their voices works extremely well for the most part and brings a sense of triumph to an uplifting collection of tunes.

The subtle counts in the background of 'Wilderness Years' prove this is a raw record displaying real talent rather than an over-polished piece of work.

'Ring' is a subtle and slow affair but a major standout. It's completely different to anything that comes before or after it, and the two are given the chance to prove they can hold their own in a track that isn't dominated by a huge amount of instrumental.

Listening to the record will put you right into the middle of the action. You could be in the middle of a Fugitives concert with the structure and way they sing emulating that of a live show. It's quite an impression they leave.

Weaving genres within one another, you may think they're a country group at one instance before they add in some jazz and bluegrass in the next.

'Everything Will Happen' is a pleasant and inspiring listen for those looking for slightly-experimental and simple-to-understand music.

Poignant and reflective, it's a stellar template that others like them should follow.

The album is out now through iTunes.

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