The Greeting Committee

The Greeting Committee

For those who are new to The Greeting Committee, title track and opening number to this EP - 'Island' - is the perfect introduction.

A heavenly instrumental fades in, and as more instruments are thrown into the mix, so is the distinctive voice of the group's lead singer.

While their sound isn't massively heavy in this lead track, it's still able to make an incredible impact.

Second up is 'What's It Like' - further proving that this is one of the easiest to listen to bands in some time.

Closing the EP is 'Borders & Patrols' - another perfectly constructed piece that leaves us wanting more. That is the one disappointing thing here - only three tracks!

Certainly one of the most exciting emerging acts of recent months, The Greeting Committee are one to watch.

'Island' is released November 25 through Puzzle Push Records.

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