The Moth & The Flame

The Moth & The Flame

Extremely reminiscent of the mellow tones of Chris Martin and Coldplay come The Moth & The Flame.

Following their debut in the US over two years ago, attention has grown over time culminating in their first worldwide release - '&' - produced by Joey Waronker.

What the three-piece band do here is reinforce the dramatic rock-ballad culture with their beautiful opening track 'Sorry', before speeding things up a tad for 'Winsome' - at first an exciting but quickly dull tune.

The droning 'Silver Tongue' follows and doesn't leave you full of wonder, and by the time 'Monster' has finished playing, you may wonder if they'd fare better as a (very good, mind you) Coldplay tribute act.

'Holy War' is tender and brings back the bit of love you may have for them from the opener, but at just over two minutes long it leaves much to be desired.

Closing out the six-track EP is 'How We Woke Up' which opens strong but once again, veers into dullness.

The band are an acquired taste, there's no two ways about it. If you're a fan of slow rock, you may enjoy this, but steer clear if you're not already a fully-fledged lover of that genre.

'&' is out now through Hidden Records.

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