The influx of boy bands seems to be never-ending nowadays, but not all of them see success and it's rare that one crops up with as much talent and charisma as The Vamps seem to possess.

Coming out of nowhere with their singles 'Can We Dance' and 'Wild Heart', they exploded onto the British music scene and have since been playing stages all over the globe.

They're not constantly in the press with a new smear of bad publicity, and seem to be genuinely nice guys who are thankful for every single fan, and excited about the opportunities they're being given.

The first brand new track you'll hear here is the third on the record, 'Somebody To You', and their infectious happy-go-lucky personalities aren't lost. They're singing about love as many songs do, but they're not lost in self-pity as they pine for another's heart - this is more of a love letter, and it's sweet.

They're typical British boys who get caught up in relationships, love, transitioning from a teenager into adulthood and more, much of which is explored throughout these tracks.

'Girls On TV' is almost reggae - an unbeat slice of enjoyment and excitement in a track like nothing we've heard from the group as of yet - and is followed by 'Risk It All', another track where the guys profess their adoration for a certain someone.

There are a few slower songs and ballads woven into the compilation, including the brilliant 'Shout About It', where the four are given a great chance to shine, and though they're not pushing their voices to the very limits and providing jaw dropping vocals, they work with what they have resulting in some fantastic combinations and harmonies.

Though they do continue to croon about their love for a potential partner, in each song it feels fresh rather than a rehashing of something they've already done and so doesn't get old.

They play their own instruments adding another sense of realism to the music that may be lost in other boy band's records, and their talent is shown in spades.

Carefully constructed tracks all flow together brilliantly, and this is a debut that the foursome can be intensely proud of.

There are a total of 15 tracks in the collection - a perfect amount as they manage to maintain interest throughout the 51 minutes of song, without pushing too far and delivering overkill.

This is a stellar offering, a fantastic debut and I can't wait to see what the group have ahead.

The Vamps' 'Meet The Vamps' is released April 14 through Virgin EMI Records. Their new single 'Last Night' is out now, and the group will be kicking off their headline tour in September. Tickets for that tour go on sale Saturday April 26 at 10am, and will be available from

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