Female First favourite Tracey Browne is back with her brand new collaborative album 'East by North West', a body of work she's worked on alongside Raevennan Husbandes.

'East by North West'

'East by North West'

After meeting in early 2012, the duo worked with folk band The Unthanks in a week-long musical residency which would go on to spawn a collaborative friendship and working partnership, resulting in this - their first album - being released in December 2014.

Aside from the guest performers which include Katie Ware (Little Sparrow) on guest vocals, Belinda O'Hooley on accordion and Mike McGoldrick on flute, this is all Tracey and Raevennan's work - and the pair have accomplished something brilliant with this diverse and eclectic range of tracks.

Setting their stall with hypnotic and beautiful opening track 'Coming Home', the duo do exactly what is needed to lure the listener into a sense of security, comfort and bliss. Their tight harmonies and chemistry serve to prove that there's much talent away from the usual charts that many adhere to.

With highlights that include the raw and emotional 'Peacemaker' and upbeat folk tunes 'I'm Gonna Get Myself In Trouble' and 'Fire In Your Heart', this is a record that's constantly shaping and remoulding itself to fulfil a new and unique aspect.

Ending with the sombre 'On Raglan Road' you're left wanting more but are still appreciative of what you've heard. They're a duo who should absolutely stick together and release further collaborations in the future. What they've done here really works well and it would be a shame if this were their only release.

'East by North West' is out now.

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