Union J

Union J

Union J have released their self-titled debut album, and it's a cracker.

Opening with their singles 'Carry You' and 'Beautiful Life', the lads prove that while they may be just another boyband on the scene, they have what it takes to stand out.

Their vocals aren't something to be overlooked, and on fourth song 'Last Goodbye' they certainly shine through.

'Beethoven' is a stand out, and whereas the album could have done without 'Head In The Clouds', it more than makes up for it in other places.

Their cover of Demi Lovato's 'Skyscraper' - which would have been their X Factor 'winner's song' - is absolutely stunning, and some have said that it even overshadows the original - it certainly gives it some competition.

Plenty of the hits on this compilation of tracks could do well on the radio - especially 'Save The Last Dance' which uses the best dance beats to ensure it would sound brilliant in the clubs.

Those with the deluxe edition of the album are also treated to acoustic versions of 'Carry You', 'Head In The Clouds' and 'Where Are You Now' as well as upbeat bonus track 'Lucky Ones'.

They're absolutely a foursome to keep your eyes on. Impressive, with talent that's been honed and perfected since their 'X Factor' debut.

'Union J' is out now.

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