Vance Joy - God Loves You When You're Dancing

Australian star Vance Joy seemed to come out of nowhere when he gained major airplay on Radio One with his hit single Riptide, and his EP was also released in the latter part of 2013.

Opening with a fantastic ballad 'Emmylou' which really shows off his range; wavering at times which only adds to his innocence and 'real' nature as a singer-songwriter, he proves exactly why he deserves the attention he's getting.

Lead single 'Riptide' - which Vance revealed exclusively to Female First that he started writing in 2008 - follows with its infectious rhythm from Vance's ukelele that's seen a nation fall in love, and with a Michelle Pfeiffer reference, what's not to adore?

What's great about this record is that it sounds as if you're sat with your eyes closed, listening to a live session. 'Play With Fire' is raucous but not overpowering, with production only mildly changing what you'd hear if you were at one of Vance's gigs.

Vance Joy

'Snaggletooth' details the idea of loving a partner even through what they may see as their flaws and imperfections. It's a beautiful track that may at first seem long at nearly five and a half minutes, but one that when it's over will have you wishing there was more to it.

Finishing on 'From Afar', the EP rounds out with perhaps the most intimate song of the pack, another track that pulls on the heartstrings as confessions are made to always knowing love would have to be given 'from afar', and that 'will be the way that we remain'.

Vance Joy is without a doubt one of the most exciting singer-songwriters to emerge from the scores we see on a regular basis, and any fan of music would be a fool not to keep an eye firmly on him. It'd be a travesty if major things weren't ahead for this talented young Aussie.

'God Loves You When You're Dancing' is out now.

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