'Losing Our Virginity'

'Losing Our Virginity'

Virgin Records are certainly celebrating their 40th anniversary with a bang.

After being launched by Richard Branson in 1973, the label has undergone a major journey to make them one of the most revolutionary names in the business.

Five compilations - 'Losing Our Virginity', 'Never Trust A Hippy', 'New Gold Dreams', 'Methods Of Dance' and 'Fascinating Rhythms' - are to be released in celebration of 40 years, spanning the four decades worth of music Virgin has to offer.

Some of the biggest artists of past and present shine through on each of the 3-disc collections, including Kevin Coyne, Culture Club and David Guetta.

What is apparant through listening to each of these is the evolution that has taken place both in the world of music and the genres of music that Virgin puts out.

We move from blues, to rock, to jazz, to punk, to dance, to pop and we never know which way we're going to turn next.

With additions of lost album tracks, seminal hit singles and 7" tunes that have never before been released, these collections are a must-have for any true lover of music.

There's something for everybody - a line that's said far too often but is ultimately true here. Nothing to complain about - just choose the right compilation for you!

Virgin Records 40th Anniverdary Compilations will go on sale November 4.

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