Eimear Coyle, Cheylene Murphy, Ryan McGroarty and Kieran Coyle make up the Wonder Villains.

After forming at high school in Derry, Northern Ireland, expectations of them having a high chemistry and ability to work together are met as the unique production and distinctive vocals blend together brilliantly.

They take pop and electro and 'smush' them together with surprisingly pleasing results, guitars also mixed in with a sprinkle of cheese for good measure.

Lyrics are spoken in an almost childlike voice at times, and the subject matter is fluffy throughout - "You have stolen our guitars / But you also stole our hearts" and my personal favourite "I swapped my brother for a Pokémon card / Shiny Charizard" along with the Heroes season one throwback with 'Oh Peter'.

It's a great move, as they sing about things they know - dying their hair and waking up with a hangover - rather than topics that they've never dealt with.

It's bubblegum pop, but bubblegum pop at its best and most honest. Feel-good music that's sure to have you toe-tapping along and rooting for the group to succeed.

Hard to dislike them, they do a fantastic job of getting you onboard and proving that music truly is a language for all emotions.

Short and snappy tracks (the longest being 3 minutes 26 seconds) ensure you never got bored and with the sound constantly changing you're kept guessing what's coming next - a fantastic tactic that'll go down well with pop fans.

Wonder Villains release 'Rocky' on Monday June 23.

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