From the moment Katy came out onto the field for her 2015 Super Bowl halftime show, I had tingles. Riding astride a mechanical tiger she entertained the audience with a short rendition of 'Roar' before hitting the ground with an incredible group of dancers and showing off some great vocals with smash hit single 'Dark Horse'.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

The lighting and graphic effects were astounding with perfect placement and before long, Lenny Kravitz joined Katy on-stage for a collaboration on 'I Kissed A Girl', proving his rocker skills are still in-tact with some gravelly tones and jaw-dropping instrumental.

If the lady of pop was nervous she wasn't showing it - her vocal and choreographic performance was at a higher standard than we've ever seen her display on-screen in the past, and above all, she seemed passionate and happy to be there, no more so than when she and a group of dancers dressed in beach outfits including sharks and beach balls, getting the crowd to sing along as she merged 'California Gurls' with 'Teenage Dream'.

Though there was no Snoop Dogg to join her with his verse, Missy Elliott did make a surprise appearance for three tunes, kicking things off with 'Get Ur Freak On' and setting the stadium on fire with her high-energy routine.

Bringing her show to a close with 'Firework', Katy had one final costume change and proved the doubters wrong - she was a woman who could more than stand her ground on the biggest platform in the world.

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