Scarlette Fever

Scarlette Fever

Scarlette Fever is set to release new EP 'Single White
Female' on Sunday September 29 via Starfisch Records,
proving that energetic and raw acoustic vocals can still
truly impress.

The British singer/songwriter has put plans to become a
marine biologist on hold to make her impact on the music
industry, and this EP jammed with infectious riffs and
exciting hooks is just a taste of what she has to offer.

Let it be clear that she isn't your typical pop princess.

Whilst continuing to evolve and experimenting with new
sounds, Scarlette is showing she has exactly what it
takes to maintain relevance in the tough-to-break world
of music.

The live performance of 'Looking Glass' that's featured
on the record is truly something special and one to
listen out for, with Scarlette's fiesty side coming to
the forefront.

Most impressive however is the forthcoming single 'Sunday Best', which even has a fan in BBC Radio Two's Clare Balding.

Gaining support from the BBC Radio stations and her constantly-expanding loyal fanbase, the only way is up for the rising star, and her album 'Attack Of The 6Ft Woman' is scheduled for release next year.

You can pre-order 'Single White Female' now on iTunes.

Check out Scarlette Fever's live acoustic rehearsal for her single 'Sunday Best' below.

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