Sharon Corr

Sharon Corr

Few know that some of the songs from The Corrs were written by Sharon herself. I only found this out after I attended her gig the other night and in her recent interview at Female First.

Some of the songs she wrote that had never performed for an audience before were showcased at her recent gig in Manchester, such as the famous ‘Say’ from their In Blue album.

Even though Andrea, her sister, former bandmate and lead singer for The Corrs has the most beautiful voice it’s refreshing to see the violinist take centre stage for once. And my does she belong there!  

When I saw her perform alongside her siblings in The Corrs years ago, she always seemed to have a shyness about her. A quiet elegance that drew your eye sideways while she interjected with her stunning violin solos and backing vocals. We caught a glimpse of her flawless vocals once or twice when she sang ‘No Frontiers’ with Caroline and the crowds went crazy for the change in melody.

From the huge expanse of Newcastle arena when I last saw The Corrs, I was surprised and thankful that the Manchester gig was a much smaller and intimate venue.

I expected Sharon to stick solely to her new album, The Same Sun, which she is currently promoting and performing for. In this respect, she did not disappoint with a taste of the first album track ‘Raindrops’, the title track, ‘The Same Sun’ and opening with the instantly addictive ‘We Could Be Lovers’, to whet our appetites to her new sound.

She treat us to songs she had not previously released such as one about a particularly indecisive record producer and allowed us to hear her own rendition of ‘Dream A little Dream’, which she used as a means to warm her voice up backstage before gigs in the past. As I watched from the back row- Sharon certainly knows how to work a crowd- leaning in for fan photos and engaging with her audience, this confidence suits her.

Being able to witness live someone whose lyrics and performances formed the songs of my teenage years and got me through some hard times was very emotional for me and I admit that many of her songs brought me to tears.

She took us right back to the beginning with ‘The Joy of Life’ from the album 'Live in London' revealed that ‘So Young’ was actually written for her parents who had an insatiable spirit for life. Having this background added a whole new meaning to songs that I have listetnd to dozens of times. 

It is clear now that the band members needed that time to shine as solo artists and Sharon is every bit of perfection on that stage. An unforgettable night and having my picture taken with her is something I will treasure forever. Her parting message was a very poignant one- as she told us to ‘follow our dreams’ and I certainly fulfilled one of mine that night. 

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