A Band Called Quinn

A Band Called Quinn

Artist: A Band Called Quinn

Album: Red Light Means Go

Label: Tromolo Records


Rating: 3.5/5

A Band Called Quinn recorded their debut album Red Light Means Go a whopping three years ago and the album was put on the backburner when the band was asked to appear in Vanishing Point Theatre Company’s stage production The Beggar’s Opera.

This week sees the band finally release Red Light Means Go and it was well worth the wait as this is a collection of fantastic pop tracks.

Get Out Of My Way is the opening track on the album as it is fresh and upbeat and really introduces us well to the rest of the album.

This is an album that is incredibly easy to listen to as Louise Quinn has a vocal that is both warm and rich and just draws the listener in.

There is a concentration on an electro sound on the early part of the album and Can You Swim is A Perfect example of this?

And while the backing track may, at times, be quite heavy Quinn’s vocal is powerful enough to not get lost in it and she commands attention with every word that she sings.

Sayonara is a particularly great track as we see Quinn show off her range a little more than on the first two songs and she really has a fantastic voice on his.

This is another incredibly catchy track that turns down the electro influences and is instead driven forward by the electric guitar.

The top range of Quinn’s vocals is just as captivating and mesmerising as her the lower tones and she really does shine on this track.

But this album is not all about upbeat fun tracks as Ghosts From The War show a very different side of the band as they take a more serious path.

Quinn delivers a deep and haunting vocal and this is beautifully supported by a fantastic electronic hook that will just wash over you.

This is by far the best track on the album as it is just completely different to every other track on the record - it really is a stunning track.

It is hard to believe that this album has been on the shelf for three years as the band have delivered a great collection of tracks and it will be interesting to see what they do next.

A Band Called Quinn - Red Light Means Go is out now

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