Allman Brown

Allman Brown

Artist: Allman Brown

Single: Woman

Label: Second Cousin Music


Rating: 4/5

New artist Allman Brown is introduced to us for the first time this week as he releases his debut single Woman.

The singer-songwriter has been making quite a name of himself on the live circuit both here in the UK as well as in the U.S.

And we get to see why with the release of Woman which is an incredibly soulful and upbeat track that really shows of Brown’s vocals superbly.

There is a real richness to those vocals that just sweeps over you and really draws you into the track and forces you to listen to lyrics.

Brown sings about the special woman in his life and how he has no intention in hurting her or leaving her behind.

And nothing fancy has been done with the vocal on this debut Brown has just been lift to show off just what he is all about, all the live shows that he has been doing of late have given a real confidence on the way that he sounds.

There is also some beautiful instrumental work on the track as the piano and the strings really add to the richness of the track.

Pop is mixed with soul and R&B to make deliver the perfect introduction to Allman Brown who is an artist that we should all be keeping and eye and an ear on this year.

Allman Brown - Woman is out now

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