Anja McCloskey - Italian Song

Anja McCloskey - Italian Song

Artist: Anja McCloskey

Single: Italian Song


Label: Sotones records.

Rating: 2/5

Following on from acclaimed single ‘Kiss’ released in January this years, Anja McCloskey is back with ‘Italian Song’, a jaunty folk melody served with a modern twist.

‘Kiss’ was a beautiful parody of love and had a decadent, sultry feel. ‘Italian Song’ is a lot more fun and up-tempo.

Anja’s sweet voice coinciding with a bombardment of musical instruments blazing at once create the chirpy, joyous record that is ‘Italian Song’

"The song is about going slightly mad in the summer heat and losing rationality along the way," says Anja. It definitely has a summer feel, with the sprightly sound of the accordion bouncing the song along.

And what a great summer it will be for Anja, who is playing festivals in Southampton, Brighton and London this year.

‘Italian Song’ may be an exciting burst of energy for Anja McCloskey, but it does not quite meet the standards of ‘Kiss’, which had a far more rich and artistic edge.

Italian Song is the third track to be released from debut album ‘An Estimation’, which will be released in September.