Any Color Black

Any Color Black

Artist: Any Color Black

Single: You

Label: Black Sugar Music Ltd


Rating: 3/5

Louise Mather and Andy Bell are the Glaswegian duo that makes up Any Color Black and they release their debut single this week.

And Any Color Black look set to make quite a splash on the electro-rock scene with this new track as it is a powerful first introduction to their music.

You is an upbeat and thumping track where the instrumentation packs as much of a punch as Louise’s great vocal.

And while it may be upbeat with a pulsating base there is a real darkness to this track that gives it that bit of extra bite.

The pounding guitars is mixed with a great dance beat the two coming together in the rather catchy chorus - the guitars on this really do sound fantastic.

You is a track that is set to ignite the dance floors of clubs up and down the country and Any Color Black has shown what they are all about.

Any Color Black - You is out now

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