Arcade Parade - Cave Of Swimmers

Arcade Parade - Cave Of Swimmers

Artist: Arcade Parade

Single: Cave Of Swimmers


Rating: 4/5

Arcade Parade has been a band since back in 2010 and this year they have been whipping up a storm on the live circuit playing some big venues as well as some festivals.

But this week sees the four piece release their debut single cave of Swimmers - and EP is expected to follow next year.

And Cave of Swimmers is a positive start form the band as they mix driving and infectious riffs with an incredibly tight arrangement.

The guitars really drive this track forward and bring it to life while the central vocal is incredibly powerful.

Ollie Scott really does have a great voice and he not only shows his range with this track but he commands his attention - which is quite impressive for someone of his tender years.

Arcade Parade has delivered a track that has an incredibly mature sound and energy for their age and they can only get better.

If this is hint of what is to come for Arcade Parade then they are band that are only going to go one way and that is up.

It will be great to see how the boys develop over the next twelve months and they really are a band to keep an eye on.

Arcade Parade - Cave Of Swimmers is out now

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