BlakMagikSociety - Our Time (Keep It Heavy)

BlakMagikSociety - Our Time (Keep It Heavy)

Artist - BlakMagikSociety

Single - Out Time (Keep It Heavy)

Label – W.A.R Records

Rating – 2/5


While Our Time is an strong-willed debut, hinting at a band far more in touch with their identity than most debuts give, the London based rockers are defiantly in the camp of heaping on the scuzz just a bit too thickly on this one.

From its bouncing quasi-Kasabian intro and vocal from it seems like BlakMagikSociety will simply be another upbeat, Roses influenced rock band. The reality is something different all together. They aim for a grubby, distorted rock and roll sound with all the sophistication of a baseball bat.

Recorded simply on Garage Band with only a bathroom for a studio, the track’s purposefully humble origins are all too apparent. While BlakMagikSociety may have wanted to make the track sound rustic and give it a raw back-to-basics feel, the end mirrors all the negative aspects of that.

Simply foggy and over-layered with static and sound effects, Our Time just sounds like the early onset of an amp inspired headache.

While ‘Our Time’ will probably make for a great track to experience in person, it’s just too sabotaged to make for a compelling single for anyone who doesn’t like the grimiest of rock and roll.


BlakMagikSociety – Our Time (Keep It Heavy) is out now

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