Benny Marchant

Benny Marchant

Artist: Benny Marchant

Single: Back To Life

Label: Marina Records


Rating: 4/5

Benny Marchant has already taken the U.S. charts by storm and now he is set to win over UK audiences with his new single Back To Life.

This track has received incredibly well in America and it is not hard to see why as this is a classic love story that is guitar driven.

Back To Life has a rousing chorus that all the versus build to and it has a real energy flowing through it from start to finish.

It’s a powerful vocal from Marchant and he successfully shows off his range and that voice is brought to life even further by the instrumentation on the track.

And this is a track that is not overly production as Marchant’s vocal is allowed to take centre stage - the guitars help bring the energy to the track but they never overpower Marchant’s voice.

Back To Life is an earnest and emotional track that talks about finding unexpected love and how that person has had a huge impact on them, something that we can all relate to.

Big Love is the b-side on the single and this is another track that is guitar driven track, the electric guitar solo half way through is a great moment and it perhaps a little unexpected.

Benny Marchant is a heart on his sleeve type of musician and his velvety vocal is so heartfelt and emotional that you can’t help but get swept away in each track.

Back To Life is a fantastic upbeat track and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

Benny Marchant - Back To Life is out now

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