BlakCan - Dark Blaze

BlakCan - Dark Blaze

Artist: BlakCan

Single: Dark Daze

Label: Big Industry Records


Rating: 3/5

If there is one band to watch out for this year then it is BlakCan and this week sees them release their debut single Dark Daze.

BlakCan mix indie pop with electronica to create a unique sound of their own and Dark Haze is the first track from their forthcoming album Flat Pack Nation.

There is almost a Pet Shop Boys feel to BlakCan and Dark Daze is a really great introduction to what the band are all about.

There is a strong dance beat that runs throughout the whole track and it really drives the track forward - not to mention is makes it incredibly catchy.

But mixed in with that strong dance beat is some tight and incredibly uplifting melodies as they show off the indie pop side to their music.

Perhaps these are two genres that shouldn’t go together but BlakCan blend and mix them effortlessly to make a memorable song.

Dark Daze features pulsating keyboards as well as cutting riffs and I am really looking forward to their debut album.

BlakCan - Dark Daze is out now

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