Bradley Johnson

Bradley Johnson

Artist: Bradley Johnson

Single: Boomerang

Label: Igeny Music LTD


Rating: 2/5

If you think that there is something familiar about Bradley Johnson then you would be right as he audition for X-Factor back in 2011 before going on to be a member of Nu Vibe.

But this week sees him release his first solo single that comes in the form of pop/dance track Boomerang.

But if Johnson was looking for a song that would really show off his vocal ability than sadly this is not it as Boomerang is a one dimensional poppy track with no substance to it at all.

There is no denying that this track is incredibly catchy - trust me you will have the chorus stuck in your head for the rest of the day after you have heard it.

But there is just no originality here as it is just an overproduced backing track that almost drowns out the vocal.

You only ever get a one chance to make a first impression as a solo artist and with this track Johnson really has no identity and it could be anyone of a whole host of singers who have provided the vocal.

Sadly Boomerang is one of those tracks that we will all forget in a hurry as it sounds like any other pop/dance track that we have ever heard - shame.

Bradley Johnson - Boomerang is out now

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