Broadcaster feat Peggy Seeger - Bad Bad Girl

Broadcaster feat Peggy Seeger - Bad Bad Girl

Artist: Broadcaster feat Peggy Seeger

Single: Bad Bad Girl

Label: Red Grape Records


Rating: 4/5

Now I will admit that when I heard that Broadcaster were enlisted the vocals of Peggy Seeger on their album Folksploitation I wasn’t convinced that this was a collaboration made in heaven.

However it has turned out to be an incredibly successful move for both parties as they have done nothing but put together a collection of tracks.

Bad Bad Girl is the second single to be taken from the album and it is another great track as two very different musical worlds come together.

Broadcaster are well known for their swaggering beats and snarling guitars and that sound is still very present while Peggy Seeger is on top form vocally.

There is a really haunting quality to the vocal that goes incredibly well with the very heavy backing track.

Seeger’s vocal has also been treated for the track to give it more of a contemporary twist… and it works so well.

Bad Bad Girl is another incredibly infectious track and it was one of the songs that really did stand out on the album - it’s no surprise that this is the next single.

This is a great track that shows how two completely different music sounds can come together to make a fab record. If you haven’t checked out Folksploitation yet then you really should give it a listen.

Broadcaster feat Peggy Seeger - Bad Bad Girl is out now

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