Caan - Into The Night

Caan - Into The Night

Artist: Caan

Single: Into The Night

Label: Camouflage Recordings


Rating: 3/5

Caan returns this week with his brand new single Into The Night, which comes hot off the heels of the huge success of Every Little Thing.

And much like his debut single Into The Night is another slice of infectious electronic pop that has a real energy to it.

There is a real brooding feeling to this track as the droning synths are mixed with a host of great melodies.

The pulsating beat that is present throughout the entire track has a warmth to it but the vocals are quite haunting and these two elements mixed together work really well.

While the vocal does show off Caan has a strong vocal talent but it also shows that he has a great writing talent.

Into The Night is an infectious track with each verse crescendoing into a great chorus while the synths mixed with the strings really do give the track some extra depth.

Caan’s first couple of singles have seen him establish himself as a very exciting musical talent as he is producing music like no other solo male artist at the moment.

Caan - Into The Night is out now

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