Capital Sun - The Work Song

Capital Sun - The Work Song

Artist: Capital Sun

Single: The Work Song

Rating: 2/5


Everyone loves and underdog, especially in the creative world. Capital Sun definitely fit into that bracket, with all four members of the Birmingham based band still doing their 9 to 5s in order to launch their musical careers off the ground.

Taking their frustrations and putting them to guitars is all well and good, but despite a good base, Capital Sun really don’t make the most of it.

While Capital Sun are to be commended for making such an ordinary subject interesting, especially through their fine use of organ, their quasi Manic Street Preachers sounds can only go so far.

Bouncy and enjoyable it may be, but unfortunately for Capital Sun, The Work Song is rather forgettable. The single’s second track Why Am I Me? suffers from the same issues really, although it doesn’t have the energy really needed to pull through.

While the single’s not thoroughly unpleasant it simply fails to grab your attention, let alone worm its way into your brain like the best tracks can do. Here’s hoping the band’s album, due to be recorded next month, yields stickier results.


Capital Sun – The Work Song

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