Dan Mangan

Dan Mangan

Artist: Dan Mangan

Single: Row Of Houses


Rating: 4/5

Dan Mangan is perhaps one of the most underrated singer/songwriters releasing music at the moment - hopefully his new single Row Of Houses will change all that.

Row Of Houses is one of the best single he has put out to date and really shows off the quality of music that he is making.

It's a song that really does mix it's styles and it has a rockier edge to the music that he has put out before.

It opens with an acoustic guitar before the sounds of the electric guitars take over - this works beautifully as they are two completely different sounds compliment each other.

But this is also quite an orchestrated piece as well that is, once again, a completely different sound to the guitars on the track.

This single really hones in on the difference between quiet and loud, moving back and forth between the two.

In the moment of almost quiet reflection Mangan's vocals are at their best as he shows off a real softness and almost vulnerability.

But the vocals turn into something more rousing as the pace of the song picks up and the electric guitars kick in.

This balance between loud and quiet work so well and his ability to move effortlessly between the two really does make the track stand out as one of his best.

It certainly is one of his darker releases as the track deals with idea of mortality but despite the theme it is a rousing song that you almost get lost in.

Dan Mangan - Row Of Houses is out now

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