Early Morning Rebel

Early Morning Rebel

Artist: Early Morning Rebel

Single: Burn Us Down


Rating: 4/5

Early Morning Rebel made quite a name for themselves with their last single Lifeboat when it was featured on TV smash Grey’s Anatomy and now they are back with their new record Burn Us Down.

It is a rockier track than the previous release as they do show a different side themselves and the vocal is just fantastic.

Dustin Bath, Josh Wood and Nathan Blumenfeld- James make up Early Morning Rebel and they have created a mesmerising single that mixes up the pace moving between quiet moments before letting the guitars rip.

And it isn’t until the instrumental in the middle of the track that you really appreciate the guitars and Burn Us Down is an indie rock track of epic proportions and it is one of those tracks that will just sound so fantastic live.

This is an anthemic track that is designed to be played in the biggest of music arenas as it just sends a tingle down your spine.

This is a passionate and powerful track that really has a very memorable and sweeping chorus as well as a great vocal.

It is a vocal that gradually builds throughout the track that confidently moves through the gears as the track gathers momentum.

The low end of the vocal is deep and rich and then there is a real power at the top end of Nathan Blumenfeld-James’ voice.

Burn Us Down is a fantastic rock track and everyone should be keeping an eye on these boys!!

Early Morning Rebel: Burn Us Down is out now

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