Funeral Suits

Funeral Suits

Artist: Funeral Suits

Single: Hands Down

Label: Model Citizen Records


Rating: 4/5

Funeral Suits are back this week with their new single Hands Down from their album Lily of the Valley.

The band have delivered a striking sound on this track that should make everyone sit up and take notice - the start it particular is truly mesmerising.

Brian James’ vocals are really sensational on the single as there is a real haunting quality to them and a power at the same time.

Three quarter of the way through the track the electric guitars really do kick in and it really creates a fantastic juxtaposition to the beginning of the song.

The guitars see the track out and make it rather an epic conclusion to what is a fantastic single - really looking forward to what they do next.

Hands Down is a track that really is difficult to get rid of because it just has such a unique sound to it - it really is unlike any other single that we have heard so far this year.

Funeral Suits have shown that they are not afraid to experiment with their sound and with this track they really have created something very special.

Funeral Suits - Hands Down is out now

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