Gabby Young and Other Animals - Walk Away

Gabby Young and Other Animals - Walk Away

Artist: Gabby Young and Other Animals

Single: Walk Away

Label: Git Of The Gab Records


Rating: 4/5

Gabby Young and Other Animals are back this week with their new single Walk Away - the second single to be taken from their album The Band Called Out For More.

And this is another track that shows off Gabby Young’s incredibly unique voice - not t mention it is a track that is as catchy as hell.

Walk Away is the first song that Young wrote on the piano and as the horns kick in it climaxes into a great pop track.

There is a real power in Young’s vocal and the top range is note perfect and it will send a shiver down your spine at just how great her voice is.

Pop and folk elements are fused together to create a great track as stings, brass and piano come together to form and create a great backing for Young’s stunning vocal.

Walk Away really does show off Young’s operatic higher register and it works so well on this track as it gives the song a very theatrical feel.

Walk Away is one of the best singles around at the moment and Young has shown just what a vocal force she can be with this song.

Gabby Young and Other Animals - Walk Away is out now

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