Hatcham Social - Lois Lane

Hatcham Social - Lois Lane

Artist: Hatcham Social

Single: Lois Lane

Label: Fierce Panda


Rating: 4/5

Hatcham Social are back this week with their new track Hatcham Social, which is the latest single to be released from their new album About Girls.

Hatcham Social delivered an album full of great tracks and Lois Lane is one of the catchiest tracks songs from the record.

This is a light and breezy track and there is some great guitar work on display here - it is one hell of a catchy riff.

There is a real dancehall element to this track and when you add punk and rock elements to it you get a really unique sounding track that is a lot of fun.

Hatcham Social are one of the most addictive bands of 2012 so far as they just keep producing great track after great track.

There is an anthemic feel to Lois Lane and the guitar elements really will sound so good live.

Hatcham Social - Lois Lane is out now

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