Helen Boulding

Helen Boulding

Artist: Helen Boulding

Single: Jerusalem

Label: Maid In Sheffield


Rating: 4/5

Helen Boulding has already grabbed everyone’s attention this year with her album Calling All Angels and now she is back with her new single Jerusalem.

And this is a single that is bigger and boulder to what she has released before as she mixes pop with a dance beat to deliver an infectious track that will stick in your head.

There is a delicate and almost ethereal quality to Boulding’s vocal and that is a fantastic contrast to the beat that plays behind the vocal.

But the back track is not over the top and in your face in terms of the production as Boulding strikes the perfect balance between her fantastic vocal and the dance music backtrack.

She has a great pop voice and it really does shine through on this track and the vocal more than holds its own against quite a heavy and loud beat.

Boulding has proved once again that she has a knack for writing a super catchy chorus as this really is the heart and soul of the track.

Jerusalem is a pop delight as Bolding mixes this with a bit of dance to deliver an incredibly infectious tune.

Helen Boulding - Jerusalem is out now

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