Huski - Sleep’s Over

Huski - Sleep’s Over

Artist: Huski

Single: Sleep’s Over


Rating:  2.5/5

Huski’s new album H is just around the corner but before we get a new collection of tracks comes the release of latest single Sleep’s Over.

And this track is electric pop at its very best as Huski mixes moments of stillness with dance elements where the beat really kicks in.

Melanie Garside is on vocals and her delicate voice is an excellent contrast to the pacy dance beat that supports it.

And while these two elements perhaps shouldn’t work so well together they actually compliment each other fantastically.

The delicate vocals give the track a more atmospheric feel and this is what allows the voice to stand up to the heavy backing track.

While I doubt this track will be a huge hit with radio stations it could well be quite popular in the clubs.

Huski are well known for not being a sugar coated dance act and some of the themes in their music can be quite dark so it will be interesting to see what they have achieved with their second album, which is released later this year.

Huski - Sleep’s Over is out now

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