Jack Savoretti - Breaking The Rules

Jack Savoretti - Breaking The Rules

Artist: Jack Savoretti

Single: Breaking The Rules

Label: Fullfill Records


Rating: 4/5

Jack Savoretti has already lit up the music world already this summer with the release of his fantastic album Before The Storm and he is back this week with his new single Breaking The Rules.

Breaking The Rules is the second song to be taken from the album and it is an acoustic guitar driven track that shows off Savoretti’s great voice.

Savoretti has a real earthy tone to his vocal and that really is so raw and emotional that it just draws the listener in.

And this is a track where Savoretti really wears his heart on his sleeve and it is a song that is about doing things on your own terms.

The guitar and the piano combine beautifully to really support Savoretti’s vocal but it his voice that takes centre stage on this single.

The album was a mix of acoustic and more produced tracks but Breaking The Rules is one of the latter as Savoretti has allowed his voice and his song-writing ability to do the talking.

Breaking The Rules is a fantastic pop track from an album that is a real treat - if you haven’t checked out Before The Storm yet then it is an album that is not to be missed.

Jack Savoretti - Breaking The Rules is out now

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