Janice Graham Band

Janice Graham Band

Artist: Janice Graham Band

Single: Assassiner

Label: Acid Jazz


Rating: 4/5

After the huge success of their mini album earlier this year up and coming Manchester band Janice Graham Band are back this week with their new single Assassiner.

The band have been causing a bit of a stir on the live scene and it is not hard to see why with their honest and rather brutal lyrics.

But there really is a hypnotic vibe to Assassiner and there is a beat to this track that you will not be able to forget.

It is quite clear to hear who are the band's major influences and yet there is a real freshness to this track.

It has been twenty five years since label Acid Jazz was launched and they have always been looking for the next big thing that isn't exactly mainstream.

And I think that they have found it with these boys as Assassiner is an accomplished track that shows that they have a lot of promise.

This track brings together a whole host of elements that includes rap, a bit of rock as well as an element of soul anf funk to create this great sound.

There is an album just around the corner and I can't wait to see what the boys do.

Janice Graham Band - Assassiner

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