Julian Lennon - Guess It Was Me

Julian Lennon - Guess It Was Me

Artist: Julian Lennon
Single: Guess It Was Me
Rating: 4/5

Everything Changes was the first album from Julian Lennon in over a decade and Guess It Was Me is the second single to be lifted from the album.

And this is a single where Lennon clearly has found his own sound and is no longer concerned by the comparisons that are obviously going to come his way.

Guess It Was Me is almost a ‘this is me and this is what I am about record’ and it’s a very very solid pop record.

Lennon sings about ‘I had to learn my own way’ and ‘I have found myself now I am strong’ and with this single you really do feel that Lennon is finally making music that he is not only comfortable with but that he also enjoys.

Guess It Was Me opens with piano mixed with guitar before Lennon’s vocals kick, and it is quite a straightforward vocal performance as Lennon doesn’t do anything over the top of fancy with the vocal.

But the track really kicks in with the chorus and it becomes a really upbeat and incredibly catchy pop track.

But pop is blended with rock towards the end of the track as Lennon throws in this great electric guitar solo, which I think works really well and just adds another layer to the track.

Guess It Was Me is perhaps one of the strongest tracks that Julian Lennon has ever released and let’s hope he carries on down this path.

Julian Lennon - Guess It Was Me is out now

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