Jupe Jupe - Headlong To Ground

Jupe Jupe - Headlong To Ground

Artist: Jupe Jupe

Single: Headlong To Ground


Rating: 3/5

What do you get when you mix indie guitars, analog synths and a bit of psychedelic pop? The answer is Jupe Jupe’s new track Headlong To Ground.

This is a track that has clearly been influenced by years of pop culture, Brit pop and post punk as there is a sound of both Blur and Pulp that is very evident on the track.

But Jupe Jupe have brought all those elements together and put their own stamp on it to make a really sleek track that has a great multi-layered soundscape.

There is a real energy throughout the track as the pop is mixed with a punch of electro, and this works really well together giving the track a bit more depth.

The deep and controlled vocals from My Young do have an almost a haunting quality to them and they blend so well with the backing instrumentation.

Piranha is the B-side on the single that really is a track that is very synthesiser driven and there is a much darker feel to song compared to Headlong To Ground.

While Piranha does give the band a different sound it is a bit monotonous and it doesn’t quite have that something about it that Headlong To Ground does.

Jupe Jupe have been turning heads since the release of Invaders back in 2010 and they are an exciting band who are not afraid to experiment with their sound.

Jupe Jupe - Headlong To Ground is out now

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