Kirsty Almeida - Cool Down Rewind

Kirsty Almeida - Cool Down Rewind

Artist: Kirsty Almeida

Single: Cool Down Rewind

Label: All Made Up Records


Rating: 4/5

Kirsty Almeida returns with her delightful new track Cool Down Rewind, which really shows off her delicate vocals an beautiful song-writing perfectly.

There is a real melodic feel to Kirsty's vocals and there is sultriness to her tone that really needs nothing more than a backing guitar.

Youth, who has produced the likes of U2 and Beth Orton, has produced the tracks and he has shown her off in the best light.

Her warm vocals take centre stage and there is no fancy backing music and the production has been kept incredibly simple.

But simple works beautifully as there is a real up lifting feel to the guitar that is on the track that blends wonderfully with the melody of her voice.

The track is a reminder to the artist to not rush through life and take the time to appreciate the moment in which she finds herself as she sings 'Just watch every moment as is moment flows'

There is a real intelligence to Kirsty's songwriting and you can't help but swept away in what she has to say.

Kirsty Almeida - Cool Down Rewind is out now

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