Matthew P

Matthew P

Artist: Matthew P

Single: Long Straight Lines

Label: YDNA Records


Rating: 4/5

Matthew P’s new single Long Straight Lines is one of the tracks to look out for this week as this is the title track off his new album.

It is an infectious folk/pop track that is a great introduction to the rest of his fantastic debut album and well as showcasing Matthew‘s great vocals and song-writing ability.

The harmonies on this track are so catchy that they won’t leave your head for ages after you have heard this track - they are also the driving force behind the record.

There is a Jack Johnson type feel to the record but Matthew P has his own vocal style that allows him to makes the song his own.

There is a real electronic feel to the verses and yet he also incorporates acoustic elements and this goes well with the deep earthy sound of his vocal.

Long Straight Lines is the perfect summer song that sees Matthew P having plenty of fun with the music that he is creating.

 Matthew P - Long Straight Lines is out now

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