Meursault - Dull Spark

Meursault - Dull Spark

Artist: Meursault

Single: Dull Spark

Label: Toad records


Rating: 4/5

Dull Spark is the second single to be taken from Meursault’s great third album Something For The Weekend and it shows off a more upbeat side to the band.

The band’s famous folk sound has been mixed expertly with some great electronica to see them go down a slightly different path with this single.

Meursault have always on top form musically and they combine the piano with some fantastic strings as well as dropping a dancier beat behind it all - and all those elements come together so well.

Neil Pennycook is also on top form vocally as he shows off the deep and rich quality of his lower vocal in the verses before demonstrating the power of his voice in the chorus.

Dull Spark is a track where the voice and the backing instrumentation are just as important and these two elements come together beautifully - the stings taking centre stage for a moment in the middle of the track is also a nice touch.

Dull Sparks is a track that is packed with passion and it is a song that you will want to listen to again and again.

A Mother’s Arms is the B-Side to the single and it shows off a more sombre side to the band as they show off their versatility in all of its glory.

The dance beat has been dropped but the strings are still present - this time they deliver a melancholy beauty that is difficult to forget.

Meursault - Dull Spark is out now.

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