Michael Emmerson

Michael Emmerson

Artist: Michael Emmerson

Single: Beautiful

Label: Discipline Music


Rating: 3/5

Michael Emmerson is a favourite here in the FemaleFirst office after the singer-songwriter paid us a little visit earlier this summer.

And this week he is back with the release of his new single Beautiful as he once again shows off his great song-writing skills and his great voice.

Beautiful is an incredibly stripped back track as Emmerson’s voice takes centre stage and is supported by an acoustic guitar.

The chorus sees Emmerson’s vocals soar as the introduction of a piano really does give the track that extra bit of depth and power.

The piano really does come into it’s own towards the end of the track and Beautiful becomes something more than just a simple acoustic track.

While Beautiful is a simple sounding track there is something stunning about it’s simplicity that really gets under the skin.

Emmerson’s words and vocal is packed with emotion and he really shows off a great side to his voice - hitting every high note perfectly.

Michael Emmerson has already enjoyed a successful summer with the release of his debut album Back To You and that looks set to continue with the release of this great track.

Michael Emmerson - Beautiful is out now

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