Michael Emmerson

Michael Emmerson

Artist: Michael Emmerson

Single: Back To You

Label: Discipline Music


Rating: 4/5

This week sees the introduction of new singer/songwriter Michael Emmerson with his beautiful debut single Back To You released today.

Emmerson has penned this great track with Being Human actor Andrew Gower and it jus shows off what a great talent he is and he is most definitely once to watch out for.

The opening minute of Back To You is Emmerson’s vocals supported by just a piano - which works so beautifully.

It’s stripped back and raw and it really shows off Emmerson’s rich voice as well as his writing talent as this basic recording allows you to listen to the poignancy of the words.

But the beat does kick in for the chorus but it is never over the top of over bearing as the vocal is first and foremost throughout the whole of this track.

This is an a track that packs and punch and the emotion just flows out of Emmerson’s vocal and it really does get under you skin.

Back To You is a powerful love song that shows off the best side of this very exciting new artist.

I really enjoy piano and guitar based singer/songwriters and I can’ wait to hear his debut album, which will be released later this year.

Michael Emerson - Back To You is out now

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