Artist: Nife

Album: Chemicals

Label: IRL (Independent Records Limited) & Top Cat Music


Rating: 5/5

After the release of the single Chemicals earlier this summer Nife’s debut album of the same name is one that I have really been looking forward to.

And the band so not disappoint as Nicole Fermie, Howey Gill and Scott Barter have delivered a great rock album that is not afraid to mix in other genres.

Chemicals is the opening track on the record and it is a perfect introduction to what the band are all about - not to mention it’s a great start to this album.

The basslines on this track are just fantastic throw in some upbeat drums and you have a track that exudes power and energy with every note.

There is a real sixties psychedelic feel to Nife’s sound and yet with the riffs and the arrangements throughout it is a sound that is incredibly modern.

But there is a very different sound with Information Overland as they mix in some great grudge elements that work really well.

Nicole is on top form on vocal throughout the whole of this album but her range is shown in all of its glory on this track.

The bottom end of her vocal is incredibly rich and it fits this rock/grunge style incredible well but has real power at the top end of the vocal.

Another stand out track on this record is Slow Motion Accidents as it really does sound totally different to anything else on the album.

There is quite a melancholic feel to the opening to the track and Fermie’s vocal has a real sultry feel to it. The rock elements of the track are mixed in with some laid back soul and these two genres go together so well.

Nife are an incredibly exciting new band and they have delivered an album that is packed with energy as well as originality.

The lyrics pack a punch from start to finish and these are brought to life by the powerful vocals and the moody undertones.

This is an album that is definitely not to be missed!!!

Nife - Chemicals is out now

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