Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill

Artist: Primrose Hill

Single: Candy Rain

Label: Brown Sugar


Rating: 1/5

Rhiannon, Meisha and Evangeline have come together to form new girl group Primrose Hill and this week they release their debut single Candy Rain.

Candy Rain is a cover of the 1995 song of the same name by Soul 4 Real and while the vocals do sound like they have done plenty of work on them this is a track that is just so over produced.

Candy Rain is a song that doesn’t really know what it is there are pop elements, a sort of rockish backtrack and then, for some rather unknown reason, the launch into a rap in the middle of the song.

This version of Candy Rain really does lack the soulful heart of the original and while they have tried to put their own spin on the song it really is muddled mess.

The production needs to be stripped back as it is just so overpowering and you can’t really tell how good the vocals are.

No doubt this is a track that will get the teenyboppers excited but anyone over the age of fourteen should stay well clear.

Primrose Hill - Candy Rain is out now

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