Pulled Apart By Horses - Wolf Hand

Pulled Apart By Horses - Wolf Hand

Artist: Pulled Apart By Horses

Single: Wolf Hand

Label: Transgressive Records


Rating: 4/5

Pulled Apart By Horses have already enjoyed huge success this year with the release of their second album Tough Love, which was met well when it was released back in January.

Wolf Hand is the latest track to be taken from the album and it is not hard to see why Pulled Apart By Horse are being called one of the most exciting UK bands as this a truly a ferocious track.

“When I was a kid I was a dick, but nothing changes. Threw myself around ’til I was sick, but nothing changes.” roars singer Tom Hudson as this song tackles the idea of not aging and staying young forever.

This track is UK rock and roll at it’s most thrilling as the band hold nothing back as the vocals and guitars come together to make a really intense track.

Track really does embody the spirit and feel of youth as well as being incredibly antagonistic with the lyrics.

Wolf Hand is a real punchy and upbeat rock track that’s full or super quick riffs and a great vocal from Hudson - he really is on top form with this track.

Pulled Apart By Horses are one of the most thrilling bands on the UK rock scene at the moment and this track really does show off all that is awesome about them. 

Pulled Apart By Horses - Wolf Hand is out now

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