Rockburn - Better Man

Rockburn - Better Man

Artist: Rockburn

Single: Better Man


Rating: 4/5

Rockburn have been together and recording and performing music for the last seven years and this week they are back with their great new single Better Man.

The Scottish five piece enjoyed major success with song Red Dress after it got picked up by hit TV series Burn Notice and this track could well see that success continue.

The one thing that Rockburn are so good at doing is writing memorable and catchy records and with Better Man they have done it again.

They successfully mix rock with a Blues sound and the two genres go together to make and unmistakable and unforgettable sound.

The track is driven forward by the mighty riffs and well as the fantastic vocal that has a raspy feel to it.

Better Man crescendos into a triumphant finale and it really shows off all that is great about this band.

Better Man is an incredibly infectious track that will stick in your head for days - but in a good way of course.

Rockburn - Better Man is out now

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