Terry Emm - Gently

Terry Emm - Gently

Artist: Terry Emm

Single: Gently

Label: Long Man Records


Rating: 4/5

Terry Emm has had a great 2012 with the release of his album Petals Fallen Off The Sun and this week he is back with new single Gently.

This folk track as a festive feel to it and yet it is unmistakably Terry Emm as his voice has a real warmth to it that really brings the lyrics to life.

Emm has always been a very visual musician and he mixes traditional Christmas imagery with images of love and life - a fantastic combination.

This is a very stripped back track with Emm’s vocal being supported mainly by an acoustic guitar as he carefully picks at the strings.

Gently is supposed to be more of a festive track but it the type of song that you can listen to all year and is it the kind of song that leaves you with a bit of a warm glow.

This really is a beautiful track with Emm at his lyrical, musical and vocal best and is it the type of song that just washes over you and you can listen to it again and again.

The Way You Look is the b-side and this is a song that has a bit more energy than Gently but it is just as mesmerising.

The acoustic guitar is supported by some beautiful strings - this really is another gem of a track from this singer-songwriter.

Terry Emm - Gently is out now

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