Alex Turner's side project or not, The Last Shadow Puppets are taking us right back to the 60s in a way that recalls early era-Bowie and more-prominently the often overlooked Scott Walker.

Teaming up with The Rascals frontman Miles Kane, they release the second single from 'The Age Of The Understatement'.

Differing immensely from the galloping 'Knights of Cydonia' strings and epic overtones of the first single, 'Standing Next To Me' simply rolls along with class and grace that would be somewhat out of place on 'Favourite Worst Nightmare'. Brianstorm this ain't.

With Turner and Kane's vocals effortlessly blending into a sound so pre-2000s we should be considering it a guilty pleasure.

Hey, what a pleasure it is though. A emotional paean to a romance gone awry, Turner demonstrates what a prolific and versatile songwriter he is.

However there is a slight element of surprise that of all the songs on the album, this was considered the next standout single.

For those lucky enough to have heard it yet, the spectral shades of 'My Mistakes Were Made For You' or the bile spewing 'Seperate And Ever Deadly' would be more obvious.

Then again this is the same Alex Turner who didn't want to release 'Mardy Bum' as a single for fear of denting it's impact. But if he keeps making music as good as this who are we to argue?

Yes, this might be a bold departure from his day job in Britain's biggest band but this could just be the cathartic release Turner needs before getting back to looking good on the dancefloor and teddy picking for Arctic Monkeys Vol. 3.