The Lights

The Lights

Artist: The Lights

Single: Days Don’t Get Me Far Enough Away

Label: Integrity Records


Rating: 4/5

FemaleFirst are big fans of The Lights and the band is back this week with their brand new single Days Don’t Get Me Far Enough Away.

It has been a great year for the band and they are set to see it out on a high with the release of this new track - which shows off their great blend of pop/folk.

And this is one of the catchiest tracks that they have every released and it is upbeat and energetic from the very start.

Liz Shells is on fine form as she delivers a vocally performance that is incredibly rich and warm - and the acoustic guitar support is perfect.

They have kept the production the track really simple and it works incredibly well as they don’t need a complex backing track to give their songs life.

Days Don’t Get Me Far Enough Away is one of the best tracks from the band so far and it is a song that will well and truly stick in your head.

The Lights - Days Don’t Get me Far Enough Away is out now

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