The Milk -  (All I Wanted Was) Danger

The Milk - (All I Wanted Was) Danger

Artist: The Milk

Single: (All I Wanted Was) Danger

Label: Sign Of The Times/ Sony Music


Rating: 4/5

The Milk has been whipping up a right storm in 2012 with their releases as well as their live shows and this they are back with their new single.

(All I Wanted Was) Danger is the latest soulful record from the band and it is one of their best yet - it not hard to see why all of their performances this summer have been a sellout.

There is a real energy to this track as The Milk mix pop with soul with fantastic results - I defy you to not want to dance along with this song.

There is a real nostalgic feel to this song and yet the way that the vocal has been treated means is it contemporary at the same time.

Rick Nunn is on great form vocally and it is fantastic to hear that Northern Soul groove in all of its glory.

The Milk has had a fantastic 2012 with the singles that they have released and you just get the feeling that this band is only just getting started.

The Milk - (All I Wanted Was) Danger is out now

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