The Penelopes - Now Now Now

The Penelopes - Now Now Now

Artist: The Penelopes

Single: Now Now Now

Label: Pour Le Monde records


Rating: 4/5

Paris duo The Penelopes release their final single of 2012 in the form of Now Now Now.

The track is released from the band's album Never Live Another Yesterday and is a fantastic slice of electro-pop.

The heavy keyboard really drives the track forward and yet it is not an overpowering sound.

It is in fact it is the vocals that stand out as the deep voices of Axel Basquiat and Vincent T are blended beautifully with that off Laura Kidd.

The deep and delicate sounds of these three voice coming together have a really mesmerising quality to them and the contrast so well.

Now Now Now is a track that has a real energy to it and there is an atmosphere to it as well.

The Penelopes are an exciting band who have had a great year with the release of their album Never Live Another Yesterday and that success looks set to continue into 2013.

The Penelopes - Now Now Now is out now

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